Life and Landscaping…There’s Something About Mary!

I would like to introduce Mary. She has worked for the City of Safety Harbor for 30 years…obviously, she loves what she does. Mary is one of the peeps…the life…responsible for the landscaping in this beautiful city. If you live in this community, you may recognize her. If you live in this community and DON’T recongnize her, please look for her…and thank her for her contribution to making Safety Harbor so inviting and welcoming to all that live- or- visit.

A pic of Mary at Marina Park in Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…


One comment on “Life and Landscaping…There’s Something About Mary!

  1. Today I saw Mary!

    This was a great post…I’ve driven by the marina park corner everyday for 3 years and today, thanks to you, I recognized Mary….by the smile on her face, the clippers in her hand and the freshly pruned tree she was contemplating.

    Thank you for opening my eyes!

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