A History Lesson In Graffiti…

In Safety Harbor we paint graffiti all over the city…the library, the community center, the Chamber of Commerce…well, just look around and you’ll see.

So, why the graffiti? Well, it’s about the grapefruit. Aaahh! the grapefruit…but, who is responsible for this? Who else, Odet Philippe (1780-1869), who was inducted into the Florida Citrus Hall Of Fame. He was the first non-native permanent settler in Pinellas County, and where would that be? Well, of course, Philippe Park, and back in the day, it was a 122-acre plantation that established the first post-colonial grove on the west coast of Florida. Because of him, grapefruits now account for one fifth of citrus production in the sunshine state. The Indian mound that is there today was there in 1848 and protected the plantation from a devastating hurricane.

Graffiti artists…they call themselves “writers.”  They are passionate, skilled and community oriented.

What do you think about that???

Take some time and check out our graffiti. This pic is from the Chamber of Commerce, and the artist is none other than my friend, Kumpa…an exceptionally talented artist, giving us an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of our community through the “writing on the wall.”

This is Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…


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