It’s Dee Suhr…IN THE HOUSE!!!

I wanted the pic of the grapefruit…the one from the last post. I stroll into the Safety Harbor C of C…that would be Chamber of Commerce…and there was Dee. Was she the deal maker? What if she said, “no” to the pic. Of course, then I would be the renegade and liberate that pic for my own fame…my blog, that no one reads…pretty darn funny, don’t ya think?

Well, much to my surprise, Dee gave me the go ahead to take my photo, and was so happy that I step in, and was truly interested in, as she puts it, “her place.”

Dee Suhr began two new projects when she retired. She started volunteering at the Safety Harbor Chamber…AND THEN, SHE BEGAN TO PAINT! You can view her artwork all throughout the Chamber, and may I say, it is quite lovely.

Dee’s eyes lit up when she described her artwork. “I want to maintain the feeling of peace…joy…place and Safety Harbor is that place.”

She’s tiny, but she is a “BIG” source of inspriration to us all. She is spending time doing what she loves and what gives her the feeling of “place.”

It’s the small steps that change a community in big ways. Dee volunteers at the Safety Harbor Chamber every Thursday and her artwork is for sale there. Go by and visit your local Chamber…you never know, you may find out some  fascinating facts about your community, meet interesting peeps and aspire what you can do in small ways to benefit you and your world.

Dee Suhr…changing our world in small ways.

This is Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…


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