The Good Life -Or- Life Is Good…

I had just finished a long run and needed a much deserved cool down,  and taking a long walk down by this marina would be the perfect recovery. When I reached the end, I sat on one of the park benches just to admire the reflection of the clouds on the water. A young couple, holding hands and leaning on the railing were discussing the sailboats. I overheard one of them say in a slighty depressing tone…”Aaahh, the good life.”  That’s what gave me the idea for the creation of this post.

When I think of “the good life,” I get the feeling of pushing forward with force until, one day, I will have earned enough…for fun, let’s call it brownie points…to have goodness in my life. Then, there is “life is good,”…which gives me another view; one that makes me feel that goodness in my life is present–if I choose for it to be. It is to know that whatever may be in my path…the good, the bad, the ugly…I will maintain my happiness and joy, which will give me strength to endure when life decides to challenge me.

So I ask…what do you choose?

Enjoy your life…for it is good.

A lovely look at the marina in Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…


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