Sow Your Gratitude…Thanksgiving 2011…

I started my Thanksgiving by getting up before dawn to participate in the 33rd Annual St. Pete Times Turkey Trot. I met some friends; we enjoyed a cup of coffee and headed into Clearwater for the race. What can I say, but it was simply a spectacular day, with crisp cool weather and thousands of peeps gathering together to hit the pavement before they hit the dinner table.

It’s Thanksgiving, and I would like to sow some gratitude. Today, I give thanks to all my family and friends for ALWAYS being there for me. I am also thankful for events that I have experienced…some, way good…some, way bad because they gave me the opportunity to grow and evolve to the person I am today. In short, I’ve gained wisdom, self-esteem and clarity to know what is really important in life.

Today is Thanksgiving Day…get out there and sow some gratitude, and to life and it’s experiences…only 3 words…BRING IT ON!

This is Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…


Who’s Needling You???

Find the blocked meridians…tap in the needles…AND…aaahhh, decompress both physically and mentally. That’s Acupuncture. It can be very therapeutic and treat many different ailments with regular visits, however frequent visits can be quite costly.

So, please welcome to the village Kasie Carlson, with a new innovative way of administering Acupuncture to her patients. It’s a group treatment room and payment is on a sliding scale based on what you can afford. When Kasie, an Acupuncture Physician for seven years, decided to open this type of clinic, there was no question of where. Lucky for us villagers, we’re just a few minutes away from gettin’ our zen on. I was just discussing this yesterday with Alicia, pictured here getting her needling session, who drives in from Palm Harbor.

Please check out the pulse of this place, and get your Chi moving in the right direction.

Calm Community Acupuncture
685 Main St. Suite A
Safety Harbor, FL

This is Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…

Livin’ la VINO Loca…Safety Harbor Wine Festival…

Well, it’s just one more reason why I love my village…The 10th Annual Safety Harbor Wine Festival. In the afternoon, the city began shutting down Main Street to vehicles and allowed villagers to let their hair down and meander through the street, drinking fine wines and listening to enchanting live music from the gazebo in John Wison Park.

The night sky was full with stars, the air was breezy and cool and copious supplies of wine flowed to a breaking record crowd this year; and the local restaurants were on hand to provide what they do best…sustenance.

This pic is of two volunteers, of which there are many, that make happenings in Safety Harbor happen. I wish I would have gotten their names so that I could thank them in this post. I was caught up in the relvelry of the moment, and forgot that I was trying to get the perfect pic for this post…which may not be the perfect quality photo, but…that’s not my goal. What’s important to share is the essence of the people that ARE Safety Harbor, and why I hold this place so dear to my heart.

Cudos to all the city workers that did a fantastic job in the night cleanup. I was out for breakfast the next day, and there wasn’t one leftover reminder of a street party from the night before.

And so, I am grateful and honored to write my sign off —

This is Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…