Let’s Cultivate!!!

What do you want to cultivate in your life?

In the Dictionary the word cultivate is defined by preparing soil by labor and care to grow crops. Refine and improve are other words listed…sounds like this could be a metaphor for life. Cultivating means taking care of the things that matter to you most. By giving a solid foundation, like soil packed with nutrients…allows for the growth of a healthy root system. It also can involve refining and improving, like tiling the soil and proper fertilization and hydration…that will fortify vitality and resilience.

This Christmas Cactus was given to me a year ago on this day by my angel of a sister, Lisa. It was small and weak looking, but she assured me that if I took care of it, one day it would bloom like it is today.

Let’s cultivate…it’s the gift we give ourselves…our family…our community…our world.

Happy Holidays!

This is Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…


The Walkabout…

Who is this man behind the dark glasses?? Let me introduce to you, Dick Estes. He use to work for the Government as a Forensic Chemist, and his job description? Well, that would involve the study and research of what we call illegal substances, which led to researching where they came from…AND that would be plants. This deepened his curiosity for the indigenous vegetation, which led him to his passion…which is what I call “the walkabout”.

One Saturday a month Dick host a guided tour in Philippe Park…it’s a nature walk about history and plants. In his tours he enlightens his guests about the history of the people that came before us, such as the Tocobaga Indians, and the events that led to their extinction…the Narvaez expedition. His knowledge of the people, the plants and the place are why I put him in this post…he sees the wonder in nature and wants all that visit and live here to open their eyes and embrace the history and mystery…it’s the story and the Mother Nature connection.

He is pictured here with the Yaupon bush, best described as a type of Holly. What’s the story behind this plant??? Here’s the history and the mystery…it’s called the Black Drink. Yaupon leaves were toasted and made into a concentrated tea, which were consumed by a select group of tribesmen to cleanse their systems. This ceremony was done by the Tocobaga Indians and other Tribes located in this region, and present day may still be performed

Get outside, get connected…take a walk in our park.

To Register: dickestes76@yahoo.com OR call Philippe Park 727-669-1947
Upcoming Dates: Jan 21st, Feb 18th and Mar 17th 2012

This is Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…