Simply–A Matter Of Taste….

It’s a place to sip, mingle and delight the palette. They’ve been in Safety Harbor for six years…and, to me and some of my fellow villagers…they seem to get better every year.

Taste Cafe owners, Robyn and Michelle, have put their hearts into creating a funky, fun enviorment that supports local artists and musicians but, the real artwork is happening in the kitchen. What you will find here is a diverse menu with layers of flavor added to soups, salads and sandwiches. As Michelle explains, “it’s simplistic complexity.” Their aim is to take basic cafe food and give it a culinary tweek…grilled chicken sandwich becomes grilled chicken with apple, brie and honeybutter. It’s the cold and hot tapas, the Aztec hot chocolate, the homemade hummus that keep me coming back for more.

AND…the Sunday Brunch??? Don’t let me get started on that! I’m going to give you only 4 words…PANCAKE OF THE DAY! You’ll need to visit Taste to experience that work of art. Also, there’s a dessert case filled with decedant cakes, pies and small confections that go great with freshly brewed coffee…or…the coffee con leche. I love it so much, it got it’s own post in my blog, and Robyn is the master at blending the perfect cup.

Vegitarian? Gluten sensitivity? Taste Cafe is here to bring you alternatives plates with an explosion of flavors that rival all others.

Visit Robyn and Michelle at Taste Cafe…have a glass of wine from the groovy wine rack and unwind and indulge in deliciousness.

Taste Cafe & Wine Bar-500 Main Street, Safety Harbor, FL 727.723.1116

This is Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…