Badda Bing, Badda Boom-Dominic’s Pizzeria…

It’s 8:30pm…Friday night…I’m just getting back to my village. Do I REALLY want to go home and start the necessary and tedious task of cleaning my closet??? It’s time to do this…I just found Christmas presents forgotten because of the abysmal closet. I’m at the 4-way stop–going straight through equals home and closet–OR–I can take a left and…AAAHHH…chairs, tables, umbrellas and the gathering of villagers. My youthful spirit is awakened and says, “Silly girl, take the left and leave the closet for another time–another year.” Well, you know…gotta go for the gatherings and the pizza, which is a folder for sure!!!

Dominic’s Pizzeria has an enchanting vibe that is bursting with young, fresh ways of taking our sleepy village and giving it some life. When owners, Tom and Anna, decided to open this classic pizzeria, they knew that Safety Harbor would be the perfect place. “It has a small community atmosphere, much like that of my hometown in Massachusetts,” Tom explained. They developed a menu that consists of soups and salads, subs, traditional Italian plates…AND…OF COURSE…THE PIZZA–which is–FUGGETABOUTIT!!!

The couple then went to work on giving Dominic’s Pizzeria its style, by adding an outside cafe that maintains a relaxed and casual ambiance. They hired a great group of employees. “They are like our family–our kids,” Anna said in a very endearing way, “and, we want them to feel that they are a part of this.”   They also do a great job of making customers feel like family…they remember their names and what they order…who wouldn’t want that!

So now,  it’s time to pull this all together for you.   Walk into Dominic’s and see the inviting, but fast paced way this Pizzeria is moving with a sort of pulsating current…it’s exciting with bright lights and conversation buzzing all around. Or, step outside and capture some of  the Harbor’s current and enjoy the outside cafe…fuggetaboutit!   AND THAT, my friends is…badda bing, badda boom.

Pictured here is Tom, Anna and Andrew inviting you to experience the vibe that is Dominic’s Pizzeria.

Dominic’s Pizzeria
100 Main Street, Suite 104
Safety Harbor, FL

This is Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…


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