It Takes A Village…

Help them build the dream…

Todd and Kiaralinda want to infuse our community with more artistic expression. They had a vision of a place where people could get immerse in the creative process, whether it be art, spoken word, music…any medium that gets the imagination running amok. That’s what SHAMc– which stands for Safety Harbor Art & Music Center–is all about. They entered and won a $50,000 grant from the Pepsi Refresh Program along with a $55,000 anonymous donation to get this building started however, more is needed to to complete the future SHAMc.

So, this whimsical couple came up with a most brilliant idea to raise more money for this endevor. HELP “PICKET” THE SHAMc is the name…using the “F” word…FENCING–FUNDRAISING–FUN is the game.

Here’s how this works…purchase panels…put some paint clothes on and…EXPRESS YOURSELF!!! These panels will be used to enclose the construction site, and will be incorporated at the center once it is built. WHAT A GREAT TEAM BUILDING EXERCISE FOR BUSINESSES OR GROUPS!!! Really anyone would benefit from spending the afternoon painting with a purpose…leaving a small jesture of support for the arts and for the community.

My experience was a total blast, and it made me feel like a kid again. We gathered together…talked about a general idea, and then let our imaginations rule. After we completed our panels, we stepped back and were truly amazed by our original artwork, and if you pass by the community garden in the village you will see our creation. It’s our contribution to this future work of art–known as SHAMc.

Please visit the website listed below for upcoming “Picket” events, or just to find out how it took a village to bring this project to fruition.

AND…maybe some of my readers who live far, far away would be interested in purchasing some panels????????? Todd and Kiaralinda have artists on hand ready to take care of commissioned works. So, if delving into a gallon of paint does not seem like fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, or there are no travel plans for visiting Safety Harbor…artists are available to create a vision for you.

Help build the dream!!!

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is my village…


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