That Coastal Flow…

You follow your heart’s love. Your life’s happiness will follow you.
-Sri Chinmoy

Novelist, Charrie Hazard spent her childhood on the water–something that she loved. She also knew, at a very young age, that writing had an authentic tug on her heart–something that she was meant to do.

So, here starts my little story…post…whatever…about going with that universal current. Charrie and her family decided to move to Safety Harbor because it embodied that community feel…what I like refer to as that coastal flow.

AAAHHH!!! The flow of the village with its calm and relaxing waters…Main Street lined with beautiful trees that are lit up every night…quirky locals and their absolute love and support for the arts…quirky locals and their constant dedication to preserving their village.

She had a clearly defined idea of what her home would be like–and I guess–she had a good connection to that universal flow that answers our requests, as long as, we are open to the thought that…anything is possible. The house she’s in now was not listed on the market, but she was very intrigued by it. Submerging herself in that current, Charrie asked her realtor to contact the owners and see if they were open to the possibility of selling their home.


It perfectly placed Charrie and her family in that house…her detailed description of how it should look on the inside,in her mind, was almost exactly the same as what she had visioned as she walked through the house. This home gave Charrie the space to create her heart’s love–writing.

HERE’S CHARRIE…NOVEL IN HAND. “Falling into the Sun” is an insightful tale dealing with the mood disorders of a child and the struggles of a mother to restore balance to the child and to the family unit. She is the recipient of “Best Novel” 2009 Letters Competition awarded to her by the National League of American Pen Women, Inc., Florida Association, and also the 2011 Gold Recipient of Mom’s Choice Award.

Charrie Hazard…finding the flow and writing her heart out.

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is my village…


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