My friends and I made a little agreement at the beginning of the year to try one new SOMETHING every month–whether it be a new sport, a fitness craze or some event that we have not attended before. You see kids, when age starts creeping up, becoming a creature of habit starts creeping in…AND…that’s not a good thing.

Thanks to REAL–which stands for Recreation, Events, Arts and Leisure–we should be able to accomplish our goal and keep that creature from taking over. WE WILL…remain forever young by actively pursuing new activities and staying open to new possibilities…staying open to life.

Andrea Norwood, Leisure Services Director and Kelliann Gerlach, Manager of the Community Center, explained how the name REAL came to fruition. Suggestions from the staff were handed in and this acronym seemed to express everything that the village has to offer to locals, as well as, visitors.

This publication has come a long way, baby. Celebrating 30 years…of REAL FUN.

So now is when we take a tour through REAL…

“R”…Recreation…we could try Zumba, Boot Camp, Table Tennis AND so much more.
“E”…Events…there’s Discover Florida, March for Babies AND 3rd Friday Music Series–a personal fave.
“A”…Arts…creative workshops like Native American Flute Music, Foreign Film Festival and Journaling Workshops.
“L”…Leisure…just plain fun activities like Lunch Trips, Adventures in Nature and Casino Club.

AND, there is so much more. REAL lets us know of upcoming Library events, Museum news, Festivals and FUN. REAL also informs us of the summer camp programs, getting the little villagers out there, experiencing FUN at an early age. Juvee or mature…REAL has FUN for everyone.

(NOTE: Having fun is a good thing…it makes for a happy existence on this planet. If having fun isn’t on your agenda…well, maybe it would be best to stop reading…AND…go directly to jail…do not pass “GO”…AND…DO NOT collect $200.)

Aaahhh, and so we have here a few of the summer camp counselors, and it was so much FUN taking their photo. SEE…they radiate the belief that anything is possible. They haven’t let that UN-FUN creature in…good for them.


This is Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…