Living in America…HARBOR STYLE…

It’s July 4th…Independence Day…this is when we take the time to acknowledge the priviledges of freedom. AND…why the pic of the cat??? Thought you’d never ask…

First, let’s define freedom. Merriam Webster’s definition is–the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hinderance or restraint. So, here we have the story of what freedom is all about…known as, Winston a.k.a. Smokey, and what he represents.

Smokey, as he is known by most of the villagers that stroll down Bayshore, is the community cat. There is a great story behind his lovely green eyes. Well, there are two stories…but one sounds much more romantic than the other.

(This is my blog sooo…I’m going for the romantic version!!!!!!)

Winston is his real name, and his owner decided to move to one of our neighboring cities. She packed her things…collected her animals and off she went. I guess Winston did not like his new enviorment…I guess Winston missed the quirky village. So, he hit the pavement and trekked back to Safety Harbor…the place where he belonged.

Winston now would be considered homeless…a stray…whatever!!! Not this cool cat!!! Now, Smokey has been adopted by the residents that live around him. The villagers makes sure he has water and food…there’s even a log that’s kept of who has fed him…date and time…all kept in a plastic bag so it stays legible when the rains hit.

Smokey is free to roam about the village…he harms no one…everyone loves him just as he is. Amazingly, even the neighborhood dogs love him. He enjoys being a free spirit, and enjoys the priviledge of being here…in the village.

Freedom…Community…being just as he is…just as you are…just as we are. If confused, go back to the defintion…it’s the power to act, speak or think…just as we are…just as we want.

It’s July 4th…Independence Day…please go out and enjoy the power…the priviledge of living in America.

AND…so, with the love of freedom, it is an honor to write this next sentence…



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