It was time to take this villager out of the village. I’ve just returned from my third trip to Colorado, and let me say, it was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had.

In the past my trip was focused on a foot race up Pike’s Peak…call me crazy, but I had to try. This year however, I decided to focus on experiencing an actual vacation with the intention of resting…restoring…rejuvinating my soul. I get so immersered in work, duties and distractions that I don’t know–or forgot along the way–how to relax and take in all the awesome gifts I have right in front of me.

I like to call them…my rays of sunshine.

AND, so not to keep you hanging, here are some of my hightlights in high altitude.

First, would be my high-spirited friends…they are all precious gems in my book and they provided fun and laughter. All I can say, is that I am blessed beyond words to have them in my life. Animals were also a highlight…the family dog that I pet as I drank my morning coffee…looking out to the mountaintops in 50 degree temp…Aaahhh. The thrill of reaching the summit of a mountain and looking at the absolute beauty of Mother Earth…NOW THAT SOME RAYS…DON’T YA THINK???

Also, I met new peeps from villages very different from mine. AND…ran into fellow villagers, Todd and Kiaralinda, on the streets of Boulder.


Things like that happen when I stay open to receving life’s little suprises.

Now, I’m back in Safety Harbor, refreshed with a sense of wonderment again, and ready to soak up more rays…moments…gifts.

AND…what about the pic???

I’ve read that horses can see into your soul. Well, I’m happy he liked what he saw. I guess I wasn’t that off track…maybe just needed some altitude adjustments.

I would like to challenge YOU out there…go out and find your rays of sunshine.

This is Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…