Surfing Rockstar, Laird Hamilton, uses it to cross train, and former World Windsurfing Champion, Mickey Eskimo, coined the phrase, “ocean’s bicycle.” Yep, I’m talking about SUP…Stand Up Paddling…the fastest growing watersport today.

It’s you…a board…a paddle…AND…a waterway of your choice. Aaahhh, gently gliding over the soft chop of the Bay with nature as your tour guide tuning you into the flow of the current. It’s simplicity and connection…that’s the gift of Stand Up Paddling.

BUT…it can also be a hard core workout, burning anywhere from 600-1000 calories an hour, with a unique muscular challenge that you won’t find in any other sport.


Tampa Bay SUP is here in the village and they are ready to help you with your Stand Up experience. They provide lessons, rentals, tours and sales…they’re mobile so they can come to you, which is another plus. Their goal…everyone feels safe and has fun.

I highly reccommend starting off with a lesson to get basic strokes and techniques down before venturing out. Kim and her staff are very thorough with their instruction, AND…that will give you more confidence as you frolic OVER the water viewing schools of fish, manatees and dolphin frolicking UNDER the water.

Tampa Bay SUP is certified by the World Paddle Association, and they are located in Philippe Park, Safety Harbor Marina and on Clearwater Beach. Kayaks are available also, and there is a pick up and delivery service to neighboring hotels and condos.

Pictured here is Hildy, one of the instructors, who enthusiastically helped me rise to my feet on my first SUP experience. Getting the information for this post with the owner, Kim, was done by sitting on paddleboards…out in the water…drinking in the beautiful canvas that nature provided…a great boardroom…don’t ya think?

Why not give them a ringy-dingy and set up your first SUP lesson and get ready to take a stroll…ON THE WATER–that is.

Tampa Bay SUP–Stand Up Paddleboarding and Kayaking

Get outside and enjoy an ENDLESS SUMMER with SUP.
This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is my village…


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