On 21st September…The Countdown-Day 7

Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace.

21st September…
It’s all about peace…
Peace in the heart…
Peace in the home…
Peace between neighbors…
Peace in the cities…
Peace in the nations…
Peace in the World…

Jeremy Gilley started a movement in 1999…his goal was to establish an annual day of ceasefire and non-violence on a fixed calendar day. He has successfully managed, with the help of the United Nations, to create–what is referred to as–PEACE ONE DAY.

It’s all about manifesting the largest reduction of violence ever recorded in history…AND…the greatest gathering of indivduals standing together in the name of peace. Please visit the website…peaceoneday.org/…and absorb the emotion of this special day.

So, here begins my countdown. I’m day 7, followed by pics of some of my fellow villagers everyday to promote peace on all levels…this is my contribution to a much needed cause…PEACE…send some out…on all levels.

Check out Peace One Day and find out about…The Global Truce 2012.

What will you do to make PEACE on 21st September?????????

BTW…a new sign off…BUT…just for this week.

binvested in your community…binvested in your world…


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