Her love for cooking came from her memories as a child…

Born and raised in the village, Heather gained her love for culinary arts at a young age. Her family often had their own cooking contests…and IF, SOMEONE had a great report card…well kids, you guessed it…they got to pick the restaurant for dinner that night.

Heather can take an ordinary dish…give it a twist…and voila…nothing other than amazing!!! I met her when she opened her first restaurant…Heather’s Place. It had a verve all its own. Catering done from the old Florida house…BUT…on the weekends, she opened her backyard to the public…fellow villagers…her community. Fire pits, picnic tables, small bands and villagers…loyal villagers that loved the dynamics of this backyard venue and what it represented. Before going to Heather’s Place, I really didn’t know many of my neighbors. She created this type of backyard gathering that included…well everyone…everyone that wanted to become a part of the Safety Harbor family.

Now, Heather is all grown up…and is part of Nantucket Bucket–the new restaurant here in the village. She has taken all of her knowledge gained from her training at the New Zealand Culinary Arts Program, her family cooking contest and running Heather’s Place to put together a wicked smart menu with that Northeastern feel, but still has some of that Floridian Southern charm.

Unique and customized is the focus of her craft.

Heather can style catering for all occasions…small or large…AND, GET THIS…Nantucket Bucket is offering FREE…Yes, FREE…rental space Mondays through Thursdays with the purchase of catering. Off site catering is also an option, so that’s always something to think about now, as the holidays are fast approaching.

Moveable eats…available by Heather at Nantucket Bucket. Still with a “bakyahd”…BUT…without those Nor’easters.

Heather Conrad

Nantucket Bucket
519 2nd Street, South
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Lunch…”suppaah”…”whateva”…Heather can create it!!!

This is Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…


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