REALLY??? Just Take a Hike…

Today is November 16th…today is Take a Hike Day.

You have two options or three options on how to celebrate this day. The first two can be highly beneficial for the human spirit…like telling someone who irritates you to take a hike…OR…taking a hike, and enjoying the harmony of nature. Both seem simple, don’t they???

REALLY??? I’m not so sure about that.

Most of us try to start our day with positive thoughts, but the people around us sometimes throw us some curve balls.

Enter stage left…option three…taking a hike and creating a direction towards awareness. Stopping the habitual forms of communication that create negativity in our minds is what we should do–but, most of the time–that doesn’t happen. Taking a hike for the purpose of letting go of what’s bothering us, letting go of stress, letting go of peeps that irritate us…just letting go is the best option.

The truth is…you cannot change other people…you can only change yourself. So true, right???

So, I say to all you out there, just take a hike and let go of your worries, stay present in the moment, be one with nature…lift your energy and be amazed by what you see…AND…what is drawn to you. By changing yourself, you will change all around you.

Go take a hike…and put your best footprint forward!!!

This pic is from Philippe Park…off the main pathway and behind the Indian Mound…there is nothing like trail running…I am so lucky to live here!

The best remedy for a short temper is a long walk.
-Jacqueline Schiff

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is my village…


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