Dancing with the Stars…

Dave PearsonThat’s what Dave Pearson is all about…that’s his passion. I guess you can tell from this pic that Dave is a bit of an Astronomy buff, right???

His story goes like this. He fell in love with the sky as a child growing up in Northern Minnesota…he acquired his first telescope at the age of twelve…AND, that kids…marked the beginning of his journey with Astronomy. Today, he is a member of the St. Pete Astronomy Club, also known as SPAC–which has been providing educational programs for members and the public for almost fifty years. Their monthly star viewings are a big hit…AND…every Saturday they conduct…get this…THE MIRROR LAB!!! It’s a workshop that offers mirror making classes hosted by some dedicated peeps that are master mirror grinders and telescope makers…Sir Isaac Newton would be proud, don’t ya think???

AND…what of the village???

Dave moved here from Orlando about ten years ago and fell in love with Safety Harbor. Growing up in a small town made him understand and appreciate what that has to offer. He refers to it as, “small town America.”

I was fortunate to get up-close and personal with some stars, the moon and Jupiter from Dave’s new telescope. What can I say other than…FASINATING…and with Dave’s extraordinary knowledge and fervor of the cosmos, made everything zoom into focus…AND…the vastness of Astronomy drawn into a smaller scope.

Dave, along with SPAC, conduct regular star parties. Contact information is listed below, so why not give them a shout and start gazing to the heavens. As Dave says, “the sense of wonderment should never die, whether you’re eight or eighty.”

Dave Pearson…dancing with the stars and the planets…

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is my village…