Pub Culture…The Heart of a Village…

Pub Culture...They have itPayday came and with it a beer.
–Rudyard Kipling

What is a pub??? It stands for public house…but it’s really so much more. It’s a place that celebrates community life…a place where locals meet and get to know each other…a place that welcomes all ages. It’s not a cafe or a club…it’s the pub…8th Avenue Pub, that is.

Creating a pub culture takes a family effort. Mike and Joan Kelly, pictured here, have established the true “pub atmosphere” with serving craft beers on tap and by bottle. Mixed drinks are also available…AND…lovin’ the new pizza oven. It’s a wood fired oven from Italy, and let me just say, the pizza is outstanding.

Drinks are consumed and friends are made…that’s pub culture…that’s Mike and Joan’s vision. They have lived in the village for over twenty-six years and they love it. Their children, Danny, Courtney and Sean all work for the pub to keep it running smoothly, whether it be working behind the bar, playing music or doing the books, it’s a true family affair…working hard to produce an atmosphere and also products that they are proud of.

They also added Tillie, Jenn, Flip and Jason…some key peeps in helping the pub to run efficiently and to make that delectable wood fired pizza that I mentioned earlier. I guess you could call them, Mike and Joan’s extended family.

“A sensitive community,” is what Mike calls Safety Harbor. He sees the camaraderie that can happen in a pub environment, and that’s why 8th Avenue Pub hosts many fund-raising events to assists with different charities and non-profit associations.

A pub culture…a warm culture…that’s 8th Avenue Pub. What a great place to meet and greet your fellow villagers. If you live near, why not walk on down and partake of some of that heart…of your community.

BTW…The garage concerts happen here, but that kids, truly deserves its own post. You’ll hear of that later this year.

8th Avenue Pub–experience the HEART of pub culture!!!
103 8th Avenue, North
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is my village…


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