Peace One Day-TimI would like to introduce my very dear friend, Tim. I just found out this morning that Tim had a heart attack last night and they were not able to revive him. I am so sad and my heart hurts so much. The very thought of him not being around is quite devastating to me, but I know he would not want me to dwell in this sadness for very long. With that being said, I would like to share with anyone who reads this post a few of my fave memories of Tim and why I was so blessed that he was my friend.

* The mannequin he had outside the front entrance of his hair salon, T. J. Mars. He dressed her in one crazy outfit after another.

* He would get lemons for me from the Safety Harbor Farmer’s Market because I was always working on Thursdays and could not attend…he knew I had a phobe about running out of lemons.

* His constant reminders to me that I was older than him…we both turned fifty…but my birthday came first.

* Checking out my hair with that look like “it’s time for color and a cut”…if you knew him, you knew the look, right???

* His smile…simply THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

This pic of Tim is from my Peace One Day project last September. Our friendship grew from working next door to each other for the last three years, and I am so honored and grateful that I got to know him…his partner, John…and…his mother, Brenda.

So I say to all you out there, please try to stay in the moment…please stop obsessing about your destination or your goal and enjoy the journey…please be grateful that you woke up this morning…please be thankful that you have eyes in order to view the beauty that is all around you…please.

Brenda and John, this is for you…much love!

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…

Photography-Terrie Dahl-Thomas


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