less than three Week…Sunday…

DSC_5220Less than three…it’s a text-icon used to express love…it’s a sideways heart…whatever it is, it’s used abundantly in our social media these days. We LOVE using less than three, which is why we decided to devote a whole week of places we <3. We want to show you all out there the places we hold dear to our…well, you know…<3!!!


We less than three Athens Restaurant, and their french toast.

It's the best in the whole universe!!!!!!!!!

Pictured here is me…half of binvested…getting ready to dive into the blueberry french toast…so yummy!!! Too bad for Terrie, having to take the photo and all…it’s okay…I saved her half.

Stop by and check out Athens for breakfast or lunch.

Athens Restaurant
226 Main Street
Safety Harbor, Florida 34695

Photography-Terrie Dahl-Thomas

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…


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