less than three Week…Tuesday

DSC_5002Happy Tuesday to all…OR…not. After a fun-filled Memorial Day weekend, it’s hard to get back to the chaos of morning traffic and the office, we hope this will brighten your day a little. We’re crossing our fingers!!!


We less than three the Safety Harbor Museum and Cultural Center. In 2011 the City of Safety Harbor and Safety Harbor Museum Board joined forces, and now they are proud to offer activities that celebrate the history of Safety Harbor, while welcoming a growing arts community. It's where arts and heritage come together.

Pictured here is Laura Kepner and she is lovin' on the Safety Harbor Museum and cultural Center. Laura is a local author who teaches writing workshops here at the Museum. BUT…she does so much more than teaching. Laura has teamed up with fellow author/villager, Warren Firschein, to co-author a book about Safety Harbor, and it's all about the peeps…the history…early pioneers to more modern times. It should be available by November at local bookstores and Barnes and Nobel.

With so much going on here, why not schedule a tour or sign up for one of the many cool workshops that are offered.

Safety Harbor Museum and Cultural Center
329 S. Bayshore
Safety Harbor, Florida 34695

Photography–Terrie Dahl-Thomas

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…


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