less than three Week…Friday…

DSC_5119It’s Friday!!! Who doesn’t ❤ this day, with the weekend just around the corner…OR…even better, if you're in school and summer break is just around the corner. Happy Friday, and just like your work week…school week…whatever week…we're winding down our week-long project devoted to <3. The weekend is almost here, so it’s time to get outside!!!


We less than three Philippe Park with it's towering tree canopy givin' off all that oxygen for us to sustain life. The trees provide us with shade to keep us cool throughout the long summer months, and their absolute beauty…well, there is nothing like it.

Pictured here are Fairl, Alex and Alaina lovin’ on the tree canopy at Philippe Park in Safety Harbor…looking forward to their last day of school this Wednesday and the lazy summer days they will spend here. AND…BTW…they thought our little idea was pretty nifty…they asked us to take a pic with our less than three prop. Teenagers liking our idea??? Well, it made Terrie and I feel like we still have some coolness left…and that’s a good thing!!!

Philippe Park
2525 Philippe Pkwy.
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Photography–Terrie Dahl-Thomas

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…


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