less than three Week…Saturday…

DSC_5291 Aahhh…Saturday has arrived. It’s really a great feeling waking up on Saturday morning…there’s no rush to get anywhere or do anything…you can just hang out and watch the trees grow…take a morning stroll…sit on the pier and take in the magnificence of Tampa Bay. AND…that’s where we found them…on the pier. Our last day of…the love fest…less than three week. We truly hope that you enjoyed all of our places…LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!!


We less than three The Safety Harbor Fishing Pier in Marina Park…what a spectacular view. It is one of the most relaxing places to be…just sitting there watching the current take away your worries. It’s also a fave place to watch the sunrise…bringing in a new day of possibilities…opportunities…gifts. That’s where we found them…our gifts for this day. They were sitting on a bench watching the water…we needed one more pic. We told them what we were doing and if they wouldn’t mind holding the ❤ prop and being in the pic. They were happy to help us out.

Pictured here are Carol and Ken Merker. They had just sold their house in Spring Hill, Florida and wanted to check out other communities that were inviting to them…maybe reside in. Carol found Safety Harbor on Facebook…and we found them at the pier. They love the village and the villagers seem quite nice. Who knows, maybe you'll see them around town some day…we hope so.

Only one oopsie in this whole week…but…really, it worked out rather perfectly, anyway. Check out our prop…it's backwards…BUT…there’s still a heart…no more words needed…

The Safety Harbor Fishing Pier
110 Veterans Memorial Lane
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Photography–Terrie Dahl-Thomas

*****Next week-long project will be in September for the Peace One Day Campaign…just like last year…we’re so looking forward to it!!! We’re polishing up the peace sign…so get ready!!!

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…


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