The #PeaceDayProject…

POD-2013-Day 7

21st September…It’s all about peace…
Peace in the heart…
Peace in the home…
Peace between neighbors…
Peace in the cities…
Peace in the nations…
Peace in the World…

Who will YOu make peace with on 21st September???

It all started with one individual and an idea. Jeremy Gilley started a journey in 1999 to create a day of global unity…intercultural cooperation…Peace Day. It was unanimously adopted in 2001 by the United Nations, and has steadily grown to about 280 million peeps aware of Peace Day. With the help of Jude Law, Ambassador for Peace One Day, and individuals coming together for peace, the goal of three billion peeps aware of Peace Day and acting more peacefully by 2016 is definitely attainable.

Last year, we registered an online event with the Peace One Day Organization. We had a simply marvelous time toting our peace poster around the village and getting our fellow villagers in on the action.

Well, it’s that time again, and this year’s campaign is targeting…families, friends and communities. It’s not just about reduction of violence between countries. It’s about reduction of violence in the home…the schools…the communities.

Domestic violence, bullying, hate crimes and community cohesion are some of the themes this year, so we decided to take our #PeaceDayProject to our city government and get them involved. Different departments within our village, promoting peace (with our cool peace poster) will be showcased everyday for the rest of the week.

Starting off the #PeaceDayProject is binvested (Kawen and Tewwie) asking you to be a part of the largest gathering of individuals standing together in the name of peace. AND…asking you the question…Who will you make peace with?????????

Please check out and join the movement!!!

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
~Anne Frank

BTW…a new sign-off, but just for this week.
binvested in your community…binvested in your world…


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