The #PeaceDayProject2014… Thursday

Let’s keep this peace train movin’ along. We want everyone to understand the importance of Peace Day and the magnitude of transformation that can be achieved if we all put forth a little effort in making peace a priority in our lives.

Thursday…One Day One Choir…

One Day One Choir is one of Peace One Day’s campaigns used to bring awareness; using the power of choral singing to promote peace and unity on Peace Day, 21st September. Start warming up those pipes…sing loud and sing proud…for peace.

Thursday…in the village.

SURPRISE!!!! Today we have a twofer.

Jae Bang and his wife, Aline Solis-Bang are jumping for joy because they are aware that individual action is the most important factor in manifesting the greatest gathering of people standing together in the name of peace. Jae is in the medical business, and his wife, Aline, is a Fashion Designer and entrepreneur. Here they are with Jae proclaiming WORLD PEACE in Korean, and Aline asking…in Spanish.

Who will YOU make peace with???

Peace is more than the absence of war. Peace is accord. Harmony.
~Laini Taylor
Join the movement.

Aline Solis-Bang

Jaeson Bang

Photography: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

binvested in your community…binvested in your world…binvested in peace…


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