Miss Independent (s) …..

Miss IndependentIn July we celebrate our independence with parades, fireworks and bar-b-ques.  It’s also family gatherings and festivities that just scream the words “proud” to be an American.

This week we are honoring another deeply rooted American foundation.  July 19-25 is National Independent Retailers Week.

It’s about making the choice to be a better consumer by supporting your local establishments, and in doing so, we shop our way to a better economy.  According to the American Independent Business Alliance (AIBA), there is something called the “Multiplier Effect”, which is a boost to local economy brought on by locally owned businesses spending business revenue within the region.

So, let’s take this into the village!!!

Not only are we saluting our local independent retailers, but we would like to point out some of our village establishments owned by women.  They are passionate … they know their products … they know their customers. Literally.

Isn’t it refreshing to open up a shop door and hear your name, like an old friend greeting you as you walk into their shop… into their home.  It’s what they built and created … AND… they deserve recognition.  These ladies put the “special” in specialty.

That being said, you know we must give you a challenge!!!

We’re talking all-local all the time for the next 7 days.  Please visit your local shops, salons and restaurants; all the peeps doing the “local” thing. Do your part and help local businesses prosper and grow!

Francie’s Studio
Owner: Francie Rogal

Jana LaBarbera, Kelsy Johnson, Owner- April Hayes, MT Haakon
Facebook: safetyharborgalleria

Tupelo on 4th
Owner: Melissa Haist

Thank you to all these lovely ladies and thank you for making an economic impact in our community!!!

Photography: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

Words: Karen Vest

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…