The #PeaceDayProject2015 … Tuesday …

Woohoo!!! The #PeaceDayProject2015 is underway!!!

We’re here all week celebrating peace at every level.

Peace in the heart…
Peace in the home..
Peace between neighbors…
Peace in the cities…
Peace in the nations…
Peace in the world…

This year we have chosen children and rescue animals as our theme. Both have pure essences and a unique quality that most of us forgot along the years ….. unconditional love. So why is there so much abuse of these innocent souls??? A question for you to ponder as this week plays out.

It’s the age of innocence … in dog years!!! Because, that’s how we roll!!!

We hope you enjoy seeing some of our little villagers, as well as, some of our canine villagers promoting peace!

Pictured: Marissa holding the peace poster we made 4 years ago. Thank you to her parents, owners of Sabai Asian Bistro in the village for letting her participate in our celebration.

Who will YOu make peace with on 21st September???

Peace One Day

Sabai Asian Bistro

Photography: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

Words: Karen Vest

binvested in your community … binvested in your world … binvested in peace …


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