#WDoG … The Sequel!!!!

dsc_3857.jpegIt’s altruism at its best!


June 15th is “Worldwide Day of Giving” and we are so excited to share this with you for the second year.


It was created by Reed Sandridge as a tribute to his mother, who was always thinking of others before herself.  It all began with his yearlong journey to give $10 everyday to a complete stranger…all while being unemployed.


You can find out more on this story by checking out our blog post from June 2015.  (You know we love those extra hits!!!)   :)))


Consider this a game and go forth out into the world and make a stranger’s day!!!!


Here’s how to play …..


Choose one of three activities or choose all three.


1.   Give a stranger $10


2.  Volunteer


3.  Donate $10


Here are the explanations from the “Worldwide Day of Giving” website:

*Give a stranger $10-  Find a complete stranger.  Approach them and tell them that you are participating in the “Worldwide Day of Giving” and would like to give them $10.  The only rules are that you may not know the person and you may not receive anything in return for the $10 (aside from the goodness you will feel).


Volunteer- You can volunteer with any organization.  For those of you who are busy and can’t take off work, consider micro-volunteering on websites like http://www.sparked.com.  Many of the volunteer projects take 20-30 minutes.  You can volunteer on your lunch break.


*Donate- Give $10 to your favorite charity.  Don’t know who to give to?  You can donate through the Year of Giving website to help some of the 365 recipients Reed gave $10 to in 2010.


If you live in the village, we have a couple of suggestions in regards to donating on this most special day.

*Friends of the Safety Harbor Library     http://www.safetyharborfol.weebly.com

*Safety Harbor Museum & Cultural Center   http://www.cityofsafetyharbor.com


Why not start your own personal altruistic journey today?????????   AND… encourage others to do the same.


Reed’s Year of Giving


Twitter @ReedSandridge


We would love to hear from you on June 15th!!!  Send us your pics via Twitter or Instagram!!!!


Photography:  Terrie Dahl-Thomas

Twitter:  @DahlTerrie          Instagram:  @terriedahl


Words:  Karen Vest

Twitter:  @karen_b_invest          Instagram:  @karen_b_invest

This is Safety Harbor,  Florida and this is our village…

Enjoy the video!!!









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