The #PeaceDayProject2016 … 21st September

Peace One Day 21st September

Happy Peace Day to you all!

What a pic!!!! As stated in an earlier post, sometimes a picture is all you need to convey the message. Thank you Safety Harbor, Florida for five years of investing in peace.

Are you interested in celebrating Peace Day with the people that started this movement? Join the global celebration of Peace Day by logging onto Facebook and watching live feeds on 21st September from the Peace One Day Headquarters.

NOW…. the quote we use every year because … well ……. it’s perfect. So, the perfect pic gets the perfect quote.

If there is to be peace in the world,
There must be peace in the nations.
If there is to be peace in the nations,
There must be peace in the cities.
If there is to be peace in the cities,
There must be peace between neighbors.
If there is to be peace between neighbors,
There must be peace in the home.
If there is to be peace in the home,
There must be peace in the heart.
~Lao Tzu

RIP Gerry Moynihan. Your birthday party gave us the perfect picture of peace.

Peace One Day

Photography: Terrie Thomas

Words: Karen Vest

binvested in your community … binvested in your world … binvested in peace …
And we are out of here!!!


The #PeaceDayProject2016 … Bonus!

One more “bonus” day, because why not. We are so thankful that we live in a community that understands that we’re all in this together.  When we asked for help, we got it with gusto, and it’s ONLY because the residents of Safety Harbor committed to assisting us in making it happen.

Sometimes words just can’t express what this project means to us, but pictures do!!!

We know.

You’re tired of reading the questions, but it’s part of the project so ………

Who will you make peace with?

What will you do for peace one Peace Day?

Why not use social media to get the message out?  Tweet, share or like your way to peace, and tell all your followers about Peace One Day.

Peace to you!


Peace One Day

Photography: Terrie Thomas

Words: Karen Vest

binvested in your community … binvested in your world … binvested in peace …






The #PeaceDayProject2016 …

We’re winding down our peace project. Hopefully, if you participated, you’ll find your pic in one of our collages.

This day was unanimously voted in by the United Nations back in 2001. In September of 2015, the UN set forth a plan to help further along the idea of a more peaceful society. They adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. It’s called “The 17 Sustainable Development Goals” and they consider these to be the building blocks to achieve peace in our world. They also have created “The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World” which gives simple ideas that you can choose to adopt into your daily life to help make an impact. Check out their website which is listed below.

Again … the questions …..

Who will you make peace with?

What will you do for peace on Peace Day?

How about takin’ it to the streets!!! Organize a walk for peace. Bring together your friends, family and community to unite on Peace Day, 21st September. Want to be anti-social? Take your own personal stroll in support of peace and global unity.

Walk on …. in peace!!!

Peace One Day

United Nations

Photography: Terrie Thomas

Words: Karen Vest

RIP Lois Spencer…we miss you.

binvested in your community … binvested in your world … binvested in peace …

The #PeaceDayProject2016 …

wp-1473206541314.jpg And Awaaay We Go!!! ( Thank you, Jackie Gleason for the great opening line!)

We’re counting down to Peace Day with some throwback pics from our past projects that were registered with the POD Organization.

But, first … we would like to give you some statistics .

For Peace Day 2013 a 68% increase in the number of those aware of the day was recorded. That’s 470 million peeps!!! And, of that number, around 4-8 million peeps behaved more peacefully in their own lives as a result of this initiative. Can you say AWESOMESAUCE!!!!

The year 2013 meant that we had to step it up a notch … which meant we had to have a plan. We decided to ask our city government to take part in our #PeaceDayProject, of which, they gladly accepted. Thank you to the City of Safety Harbor for being part of that 470 million.

Now…onto the questions from the last post…

Who will you make peace with??? (This is personal. Search your mind and see what arises.)

What will you do for peace on Peace Day? (We can help with this one.)

Let’s try some art!  Paint, sculpt, sketch or photograph … changing the world by expressing yourself for Peace on that day.

Note: No names will be listed on any of the pics, so please stay tuned all week to see if you made it onto a collage. Who knows, we may even have a couple of extra posts this week! Be on the lookout and peace be with you!

Peace One Day

Photography : Terrie Thomas

Words: Karen Vest

binvested in your community … binvested in your world … binvested in peace …

The #PeaceDayProject2016 …


Can you imagine living in a world free from conflict, war, hate crimes, bullying, domestic and gender-based violence???

It would be nice, wouldn’t it??? But, that’s not the case. The world seems full of terror and hate, which fill our lives with fear, anxiety, and turmoil.

It’s time for some hope…

That’s why we support International Peace Day, a day of global unity and intercultural cooperation. A day that measures the amount of ceasefire and nonviolence all over the globe, and is celebrated on 21st September.

Peace One Day was founded by Jeremy Gilley, an actor turned filmmaker, who became concerned about what was going on in the world. He decided to give the world some hope, and in 1999 launched the Peace One Day Organization, which was unanimously adopted by the United Nations in 2001.

Now it’s time to take it local!!!

We are celebrating our fifth year of promoting Peace Day with … of course … another week-long project.

Every year we register this project with the Peace One Day Organization to be a part of the measurement of peace and peaceful activities. We also pick a different theme for every #PeaceDayProject.

(Here’s where we tell you this year’s theme!!!)

Are you ready?????????


We’re taking a walk down memory lane and saying thank you to all the residents that helped us promote peace throughout the last four years. A collage of pics every day of all you wonderful villagers from Safety Harbor, Florida that helped us promote peace will be published along with the theme chosen for that year.

By holding our little yellow peace poster, you also helped raise awareness for peace on a statistical level, as well.


So, here we go kicking off Peace Day!  Follow us on our journey and see if you made it in the collage.

This pic is from 2012 and our theme was . . . . . well . . . . . there was really no theme at all, but that’s okay.  It’s about the path to peace on all levels.

Today, we have two questions for you:
Who will you make peace with?
What will you do for peace on Peace Day?

Don’t worry!!!!  We’ll  be listing some ideas to help you celebrate  this most important day.


Peace One Day

Photography: Terrie Thomas

Words: Karen Vest

RIP Tim Thompson

*A new sign off for this week

binvested in your community … binvested in your world … binvested in peace …

#WDoG … The Sequel!!!!

dsc_3857.jpegIt’s altruism at its best!


June 15th is “Worldwide Day of Giving” and we are so excited to share this with you for the second year.


It was created by Reed Sandridge as a tribute to his mother, who was always thinking of others before herself.  It all began with his yearlong journey to give $10 everyday to a complete stranger…all while being unemployed.


You can find out more on this story by checking out our blog post from June 2015.  (You know we love those extra hits!!!)   :)))


Consider this a game and go forth out into the world and make a stranger’s day!!!!


Here’s how to play …..


Choose one of three activities or choose all three.


1.   Give a stranger $10


2.  Volunteer


3.  Donate $10


Here are the explanations from the “Worldwide Day of Giving” website:

*Give a stranger $10-  Find a complete stranger.  Approach them and tell them that you are participating in the “Worldwide Day of Giving” and would like to give them $10.  The only rules are that you may not know the person and you may not receive anything in return for the $10 (aside from the goodness you will feel).


Volunteer- You can volunteer with any organization.  For those of you who are busy and can’t take off work, consider micro-volunteering on websites like  Many of the volunteer projects take 20-30 minutes.  You can volunteer on your lunch break.


*Donate- Give $10 to your favorite charity.  Don’t know who to give to?  You can donate through the Year of Giving website to help some of the 365 recipients Reed gave $10 to in 2010.


If you live in the village, we have a couple of suggestions in regards to donating on this most special day.

*Friends of the Safety Harbor Library

*Safety Harbor Museum & Cultural Center


Why not start your own personal altruistic journey today?????????   AND… encourage others to do the same.


Reed’s Year of Giving

Twitter @ReedSandridge


We would love to hear from you on June 15th!!!  Send us your pics via Twitter or Instagram!!!!


Photography:  Terrie Dahl-Thomas

Twitter:  @DahlTerrie          Instagram:  @terriedahl


Words:  Karen Vest

Twitter:  @karen_b_invest          Instagram:  @karen_b_invest

This is Safety Harbor,  Florida and this is our village…

Enjoy the video!!!









Knock Knock. WHO’s There …..



Another day.  Another FUN holiday!!!!!!!!!


March 10th is …..


Wait for it …..


International Day of Awesomeness!!!!


And, their official tag line is:

“No one is perfect, but everyone can be awesome.”


The International Day of Awesomeness was created by Kevin Lawver at the suggestion of one of his interns.  As a joke Kevin posted it to Twitter.  Very soon after posting,  a feed of tweets flooded his timeline in support of a special day to perform and celebrate feats of awesomeness.


AND… why  March 10th???  Because it’s Chuck Norris’  birthday.  We hear he is pretty awesome or at least that’s what Wikipedia says.  You can decide for yourself, but we’re moving on to more awesomeness.


“Nobody’s perfect, but everyone can be awesome” is a reminder that we ALL have greatness inside.  Don’t settle for mediocrity!!!!!   Radiate that awesomeness out to the world, just like Chuck!!!


So, here is where we explain the title of this post and the pic.  With International Women’s Day celebrated this week, we would like to tell you about a  local charity support group by the name of WHO, Women Helping Others, in which the  wise owl “who” is watching over us,  is their logo.

Started in the fall of 2014, this group formed as a way of giving some of the women villagers a chance to connect while at the same time giving back to local charities that may need a little support financially.

Here’s the lowdown ….. a $20 tax-deductible donation is collected at the door for the designated charity (knock, knock) and everyone brings  either a dish or a bottle of wine to share ….. let’s call it  community and communion.  Local businesses donate raffle prizes and,  those raffle tickets sold raise the size of the donation.

Women Helping Others Mission:  In every community there are neighbors needing a helping hand.  WHO’s goal is to identify and support those in need of dignified giving.


The International Day of Awesomeness is a celebration that people are awesome everyday and their “feats of awesomeness” are rarely recognized.

Well, ladies … we recognize the good that you do and we thank you.

BTW … We will be sending this to the International Day of Awesomeness website to acknowledge your greatness!!!!  (Singing now…. Let’s Hear it for the Girls!)


This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…


The International Day of Awesomeness


Women Helping Others


Photog:  Terrie Dahl-Thomas


Words:  Karen Vest



































Once Upon a Time …..

dino National Picture Book MonthEvery November Americans celebrate a day that is centered around giving thanks for our blessings. Family and friends coming together to enjoy a nice meal and to express gratitude for each other; it’s known as Thanksgiving but we like to refer to it as a shared experience.

Thanksgiving is not our focus here today. What we would like to talk about is … sharing an experience. One that involves a parent and a child or a teacher and his/her students ….. really anyone can participate in this “sharing fest” we’re FINALLY getting to.

November is …………. National Picture Book Month!!!

Founded by author and storyteller Diane de Las Casa, Picture Book Month is an international literacy initiative that celebrates the print picture book. Through essays, promotional kits and activities, such as the PBM Ambassador Badge and the themed calendar, PBM is encouraging us to turn the page instead of “swiping” the screen. Reading to a child with a “real” book stimulates imagination and sparks curiosity. For the adult, it gives us an opportunity to escape the mundane and slip into a world of enchanted forests and talking animals.

Sharing an experience like that??? COuld be the best twenty minutes of your day!

Now it’s time to take it into the village.

Dino Kotopoulis (pictured) is the illustrator of the book “Captain Tortuga and the Treasure of Sand Key”, which is an educational children’s book written by David Kinne. What is so amazing about this book is that it was created with no thought of profit to either author or the award-winning illustrator. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the book will go to Clearwater Marine Aquarium and its rescue … rehabilitate … release program.

Please check out “Captain Tortuga and the Treasure of Sand Key”, an adventure on the high seas … AND … learning a thing or two about protecting our endangered sea turtles.

BTW ….. Both author and illustrator are local residents of Safety Harbor, Florida. We are so blessed to have them in the village, and we salute them in their efforts to preserve nature and to preserve the “shared experience” ….. picture books.

National Picture Book Month READ * SHARE * CELEBRATE

Captain Tortuga & The Treasure Of Sand Key
Kinne / Kotopoulis
Insta: @captaintortugabook

You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild to pick up a book and read to a child
– Dr. Seuss

Photography: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

Words: Karen Vest

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…

bk2hk 2015 ….. Going #BeyondTheBucket

bk2hk megan

This is what we do, ya’ll!

We spread peace, love and ….. oh yeah ….. that “kindness” thing.

This is our 3rd year celebrating “bk2hk” week!

Before we explain this special week, we would like to share with you why we publish posts such as this. Sometimes … well, lots of times, we need to read about the goodness that IS happening in the world in which we live; so we can continue to have hope in humanity.

Soooo, here’s some hope!

Be Kind To Humankind Week is a salute to being kind and participating in kind acts toward other humans. It’s a chance for all of us to show some compassion to our fellow man, send a smile to a stranger or go above and beyond the call of duty, and it’s celebrated every August 25th-31st. Please check the link below and find out about “bk2hk” week ….. OR ….. you can check out our archives … which, would be in August……….
just in case you were wondering!!!

But, ENOUGH about us!!!

It’s time to explain what true kindness is, and what going #BeyondTheBucket really means.

You’ve all heard of the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”, and you’ve seen the countless number of celebrities participating and nominating more celebrities to “take the challenge” or donate.

Now, we’re taking this challenge into and out of the village ….. AND ….. going #BeyondTheBucket!!!

Embracing Life Through Love is a Federal nonprofit organization and public charity that specializes in patient care and support services for those affected with Neuromuscular and Motor Neuron related diseases. It’s the diseases that have no cause and ….. no cure. Yes, it’s Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), MS, Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD) …. even spell check couldn’t make out the last one. Remember, there is no cure.

Enter Stage Left ….. Megan Durgan, the founder of Embracing Life Through Love, and the vision of her organization is to develop a wellness retreat center — the first of its kind. It’s all about addressing the need for additional services that most insurances do not cover, and no one is turned away regardless of their ability to pay.

What this organization needs more than anything is donations. Please visit the website listed below, and do your part to make this vision a reality.

Pictured: Megan ….. going #BeyondTheBucket!!! That’s why she is our 2015 example of what it really means to be kind to humankind. Thank you!

Be Kind To Humankind Week
Decide to be kind.

Embracing Life Through Love
Bringing hope and healing.


*Dedicated in memory of Mark Alton Wedde.

Photography: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

Words: Karen Vest

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…

Shifting Gears …..

Greg Bike Month (2)Hold on to your handlebars!!! We’re trailblazing into May and celebrating National Bike Month, giving us an opportunity to get into some active transportation, while helping to reduce our personal carbon footprint.

National Bike Month was founded by The League of American Bicyclists.
Their Mission:
To represent bicyclists in the movement to create safer roads, stronger communities and a bicycle-friendly America.

So, in honor of #BikeMonth, we would like to give you all a list of some interesting benefits of biking that you may not know.

* Cycling 3 hours per week can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%.

* A bike is 30 times less expensive to buy and maintain than a car.

* You can put 15 bicycles in the same place that one car takes.

* Bicycling significantly reduces transportation emissions while also reducing traffic congestion and the need for petroleum.

How much more beneficial to health, wealth and our environment can bicycling be??? Well, there is so much more but (because we like to keep the word count low) we have to move onto … THE … C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E.

Put the keys down for just one day or just part of the day. Shift the “gears” in your mind from living on auto pilot to a conscious and deliberate action, choosing to pedal to your next destination. We assure you, you’ll have some “bike moments” like, kid-like excitement and the feeling of flying. By doing this you are helping reduce your carbon footprint, saving on fuel and being good to body …. all at the same time. IT’S FANTASTIC, don’t ya think!!!!!

AND ….. to all the villagers that live here and are reading this …. we are only 4.9 square miles. Why not hit the pavement with another type of tread. Loose the routine of hopping behind the wheel of your car and start hopping onto your bike. Every trip will be unique and interesting, with new discoveries and enchanting views.

Soooo …. OFF YOU GO!!!! AND …. remember your brain bucket!

Pictured: Greg Seymour, owner of Pizzeria Gregario. He understands the importance of reducing his personal carbon footprint, choosing to cycle to and from his restaurant.

Pizzeria Gregario
400 2nd Street, North
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

The League of American Bicyclists

Photog: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.
~ H.G. Wells

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…

Hey Batter, batter…

National Babe Ruth DayYep.  It’s that time of year again.

Spring has sprung and with it brings sun … fun … AND … America’s Favorite Past Time.

The month of April is brimming with days associated to the sport of baseball, but there is one special day we would like to point out that will be celebrated in ballparks all over the country.

April 27th is National Babe Ruth Day.

YOu know ….. “The Sultan of Swat” ….. “The Colossus of Clout” ….. “The Great Bambino” ….. nuthin’ but Babe and the house that he built.

This day was created in 1947 to honor one of the greatest baseball players ever. It was estimated that a crowd of over 58,000 packed Yankee Stadium that day to pay tribute to Babe, who was battling cancer at the time.

This day remembers Babe and the sport which is so rich in American history. It surfaces fond memories from childhood like being on the field, running the bases, catching that fly ball or hearing the crack of the bat. It’s the 7th-inning stretch … it’s “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” … it’s hearing “PLAY BALL” at the start of a game … it’s QUite SImply … tradition.

Why not take a minute. Close your eyes and think of one of your favorite baseball memories.

It’s okay.

We’ll wait for you ……..

Welcome back!!!

How do you feel???

Are you feeling the sunshine in your soul???

That is our wish for you; visit that place whenever you need that “baseball frame of mind” or to bring some brightness into your day. And, always remember, try to remain forever young.

Pictured: The Braves of Safety Harbor Little League along with Coach Jeff and Coach Kenny are jumping for joy in celebration of National Babe Ruth Day. Why not join them??? Stand and take a leap in the air for “The Great Bambino” and America’s Favorite Past Time.

May your hands always be busy,
May your feet always be swift,
May you have a strong foundation
when the winds of changes shift.
May your heart always be joyful,
May your song always be sung,
May you stay forever young.
~Bob Dylan

(NOTE: Make sure to scroll to the bottom of this post. We have a little music treat for you!)

Safety Harbor Little League

Allstate Financial Services, LLC
Jeffrey Callahan

Photography: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

A salute to the Babe Ruth and the “boys of summer”
for your viewing pleasure!!!

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village.

A Second Shot, if You Will…

wpid-dsc_6773.jpgGuess what day it is?????????

October 17th is National Mulligan Day. It’s all about do-overs and celebrating the chances we get to redefine, re-evaluate and rediscover areas in our lives that hold… The Big R.

(Note: R = Regrets ….. )

Most of the time, second chances are about giving it to someone else, but what we REALLY need to master is giving ourselves a do-over… the chance to try again.

Before this get too deep, we need to shed some light on this whole Mulligan Day and how it came about. It’s a commonly used golf term that dates back to the 1920’s when one time manager of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, David Mulligan made a mistake during a game and retook his shot. To this day, not only golf, but other sports and games have adopted this phrase. Why not the game of life?

Sooo c’mon… take a Mulligan!!!

Let go of The Big R and give yourself the gift of another go, whether it’s redefining a former relationship with a friend or loved one, re-evaluating a past mistake and viewing it as an opportunity for self-growth or rediscovering a hobby or interest that didn’t go so well the first time.

Look at all your regrets with fresh eyes and curiosity to see from another vantage point…and just WATCH where it takes you.

Can you hear us cheering you onward?!?

Take the second shot.

What do you have to lose?

Nothing… but regrets…..

Laugh hard, smile no matter what you’re going through, give everyone a second chance, and don’t ever forget…rules were meant to be broken…life is too short to be anything but happy.

Photography: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

THIS IS Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…