Calling All Tree Huggers…Part Deux…The Elf Tree…

Elf TreeThe post that I published back in July 2011 about the Baranoff Oak is today, by far, one of the most popular. With that being said, how about another quite interesting tree that has actually assisted in our community developement.

It’s known as the Elf Tree. It is a Live Oak that is over 200 years old, and it is located right by Safety Harbor Library. The story goes sorta like this…the oak grew on an Indian Ceremonial Shell Mound…the Shell was later removed and used as road base material for our local streets. Removing the Shell gave this tree its unique appearance creating this space between the tree and the earth. To me what this tree represents is kind of like a metaphor for life…parts stay grounded while other parts shoot for the stars. Aaahhh…Heaven and Earth…what a good balance.

My good friend, Terrie Dahl-Thomas took this photo, and she sent me an email about her photo shoot with this striking piece of nature. Terrie wrote, “It is such a cool tree. I enjoyed walking around it and really looking at it. If it could talk, the stories it could tell.”

If you live here in the village, why not go by and do as Terrie did…walk around it…really look at it…hug it, if you like. The Elf Tree is quite extraordinary, which gives us another great lesson–why would you be anything less than extraordinary. Less than that would be boring…DON’T BE BORING!!!!!!!!!

To my delight, Terrie Dahl-Thomas will be doing some of my pics, and I am very thankful for having a trained eye for some of my upcoming posts. You can contact her at the address listed below.

Terrie Dahl-Thomas

The Elf Tree…a lil bit of Heaven and a lil bit of Earth

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is my village…



It’s all about using your “powerhouse” or core…that’s Pilates. It was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s, and today it is one of the most popular body conditioning methods out there. But…it is so much more…too much for me to explain, as I have deemed it NOT my job to explain, but to entice curious villagers out there to try something different.

That’s why Michele Berman, owner of Reach, can help out. She’s taught Pilates for 10 years, and in April she will be celebrating her 8th year anniversary of Reach Pilates in Safety Harbor. Michele’s focus is on private sessions…working on equipment…with highly specialized routines that help the client understand what the actual body mechanics are, and how they can use this information to meet their fitness goals. She is extremely knowledgeable in the techniques of Pilates, and is continually learning inventive new ways to teach or enlighten her clients to achieve the gracefulness of balance that this practice is so well known for.

AND…what about being in the village? “Local businesses support each other,” as Michele says. Being a business owner and resident Michele understands the importance of, as she calls it, “a business friendly enviorment.” And Safety Harbor works diligently to achieve that feeling.

Well…there you have it…a Pilates studio…AND…a City…REACHING.

How high? I guess the sky’s the limit.

Please visit Michele, and get the grace back in your movement.

Reach Pilates-470 2nd Steet North, Suite C
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

This is Safety Harbor, Fl and this is my village…