BK2HK 2016 … Shave OR a Haircut …


This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.
~14th Dalai Lama

August. We know it’s hot. We know it’s humid. School is back in session, which means the morning commute is much more hectic.
August. It doesn’t sound like a very kind month, does it???

Well, IT is a kind month. And, here is where we explain ….. for the 4th year…. why it is so. Here are 3 examples of what this trait can accomplish.

First and foremost, it’s time to celebrate “Be Kind to Humankind Week”, also know as, bk2hk! Started in 1988 by Lorraine Jara from Toms River, New Jersey. This week was created to promote acts of kindness performed by peeps … to other peeps … all over the globe. It’s like one big kindness fest with a different theme each day, so take a look at the website, which will be listed below, and get that “kindness groove” moving on!!

ARE YOU READY????????? “Be Kind to Humankind Week” is August 25-31st, so we’re giving you advance notice to plan your kindness attacks!!!

Now, onto our second example ….. Saint Baldrick’s Foundation!!! Primarily fueled by volunteers, this not-for-profit organization is raising money to conquer childhood cancer. Their main fundraiser is their head-shaving events … they are actually called “the crazy head-shaving people” because they are crazy enough to think that this head shaving thing can raise enough money to help research and find cures for childhood cancer.

Their challenge ……. BRAVE THE SHAVE!!!!!!!!!

Are you willing to take the challenge???

Well ….. looks like we have a place for you!!!

Here is our third example ….. takin’ it local, ya’ll, because that’s what we do. The Chop Shop hosts a Saint Baldrick’s head shaving event every March for the last few years. Owner, Mike Platow, and his team of stylists set up shop on Main Street with clippers ready for anyone who is ready to “BRAVE THE SHAVE”, and to donate to Saint Baldrick’s. They are the “crazy head-shavers” who help to raise money for childhood cancer. We salute The Chop Shop and how they promote kindness by giving back.


Pictured: (left to right) Rhodie, Amber, Suzie, Tammy, Tiana ….. our 2016 example of what it really means to be kind to humankind.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Be Kind To Humankind Week

Saint Baldrick’s Foundatiom

The Chop Shop
Facebook: Thechopshop727



Photography: Terrie Thomas

Words: Karen Vest

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…


BK2HK 2014…

wpid-dsc_1961.jpegThe last week of August is one of our faves.

AND…why…you ask???

But, of course! It’s “Be Kind To Humankind” week. Last year we promoted this “kind” observance with a week-long project. This year, however, we will be publishing one post, and challenging you to create your own personal “bk2hk” week. We are asking you to get your kindhearted nature on. Support this cause by raising your awareness to kind acts that you can perform everyday — making you one super-duper “kind” villager.

So what exactly is “bk2hk” week???

It is a celebration of people and the kind acts they perform all over the globe. Started by Lorraine Jara from Toms River, New Jersey 26 years ago, and it is still going strong with the message that kindness can enrich our lives if we decide to think…speak…act kindly.

Okay … back to the challenge. Try to consciously act a bit kinder this week with the themes per the “bk2hk” website that are listed below.

YES. We are a bit late…better late than never, right???

Here’s the list. Good luck!
* Sacrifice Our Wants For Others Needs Sunday
* Motorist Consideration Monday
* Touch-A-Heart Tuesday
* Willing-To-Lend-A-Hand Wednesday
* Thoughtful Thursday
* Forgive Your Foe Friday
* Speak Kind Words Saturday

AND … why an animal in this pic???

Because kids, Dora is the one of the best examples of what “bk2hk” is all about. She is NEADS dog, which is a highly skilled assistance dog for people who are Deaf or have disabilities. Dora assists Mary Ann De Meo, Technical Services Librarian, in making her life run a little easier by being her ears in the world in which we exist.

Now that’s what we call KIND!

It’s what the WORLD needs now…it’s what we all need now.

Take the challenge and notice how your heart starts to sing, stress melts away and how your week flows like a lazy creek taking you downstream to the weekend…aaahhhh.

Decide to be kind.

Making a difference one dog at a time.

Photography: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…


Chokyn...bk2hkIt’s “Be Kind To Human Kind” Week…it’s Friday. We have two more important kindness messages for you. These may require a bit more work on your part, but rest assured, you’ll feel like a huge weight has been lifted off you…you’ll have a bounce in your step…you’ll be happier.

Today’s theme: Forgive Your Foe Friday…

Supporting “BK2HK” is Kelsang Chokyan, Resident Teacher of Parbawatiya Kadampa Buddhist Center. He teaches methods to help calm the mind through meditation. Breathe in…kindness and compassion. Breathe out…anger and unforgiveness. It sounds simple, but most of the time, it’s not. But, with practice and intention, letting go of grudges can be achieved.

What can you do today???
You are what you think. Try to practice kind forgiving thoughts rather than hateful or angry thoughts.

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness
~Dalai Lama

Decide to be kind.

Parbawatiya Kadampa Buddhist Center
***Everyone is welcome***
201 6th Ave. South
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Photography: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…


Green SpringsWell, here we are. It’s Wednesday and our kindness meter is getting stronger as each day passes. It’s all about making a conscious effort to act a little kinder…speak a little kinder…just BE a little kinder. It’s simple acts that can produce profound changes in others, as well as, ourselves.

Today’s theme: Willing To Lend A Hand Wednesday…

Kris and Paul, owners of Green Springs Bistro, lift the”BK2HK” sign to reminds us that kindness uplifts and inspires all of us; it makes our world a better place.

What can you do today???
Volunteer for a community project.
(HINT: Why not volunteer for a Labor Day 5k race in your area.) We’re just sayin’…

Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.
~Princess Diana

Decide to be kind.

Green Springs Bistro
156 Fourth Ave, N.
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Photography: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…


SH Galleria...bk2hkThe kindness train is chugging along, celebrating “Be Kind To Humankind” Week. Spreading acts of kindness is healthy…it’s free…it’s contagious. Why not try it out.

Today’s theme: Touch A Heart Tuesday…

April and Jana from Safety Harbor Galleria are proudly holding the “Be Kind To Humankind” sign, and letting you know practicing simple acts of kindness can become habit forming…if you just let it!

What can you do today???
Tell those you love, “I love you”.

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
~Mark Twain

Decide to be kind.

Safety Harbor Galleria–Showcasing Local Artists
123 2nd Ave., South
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Photography–Terrie Dahl-Thomas

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…


bk2hk...DannyWelcome back to our salute to “Be Kind To Humankind” Week. We hope you will enjoy adding a few extra kind thoughts and kind deeds for the next few days, and adding a little more sunshine to someone’s day…maybe even yours.

Today’s theme: Motorist Consideration Monday…

Private Transportation Driver, Danny Williams, supporting “Be Kind To Humankind” Week.

What can you do today???
You can be a courteous driver by practicing patience behind the wheel.

A gentle reminder from Danny, “do not text and drive.”

What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness.
~Jean Jacques Rosseau

Decide to be kind

Danny Williams

photography: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…


Animal Associates...bk2bhIf you did not tune in yesterday, here’s the scoop. We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of “Be Kind To Humankind” Week. Each day of the week we will post a different theme, per the “bk2hk” website, with pics of some of our fellow villagers supporting this week-long event devoted to kindness towards humankind…it’s a good thing, don’t ya think???

Today’s theme: Sacrifice Our Wants For Other’s Needs Sunday…

Employee of the month, Angel, from Animal Associates is raising the “Be Kind To Humankind” sign, as well as, raising our awareness…to kindness and kind acts.

What can you do today???
You can offer to walk a neighbor’s dog if he or she is unable to.

Do SOMETHING for someone else in need…it’s that simple.

Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.
~Henry James

Decide to be kind.

Animal Associates
955 Delaware Street
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Photography: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…


Bk2hk Terrie and meWhat does THAT mean???

It stands for “Be Kind to Humankind”…AND…this week-long holiday is upon us…August 25-31. Being kind…kindness…sharing kindness…spreading kindness…you know where we’re going with this. If not, here’s where we explain to all you peeps out there what’s up with “bk2hk” week.

“Be Kind to Humankind” Week is a celebration of people and the kind acts they perform all over the globe. It was started by Lorraine Jara, who after reading a very upsetting newspaper article, decided to start a campaign to promote kindness, and this year marks the 25th anniversary of “bk2hk” Week.

If you are familiar with this blog, you know how much we ❤ doing week-long projects dedicated to lighthearted topics. Here is no exception…it’s time to take your kindness level up a notch…or many notches.

Everyday we will be posting different themes, per the “bk2hk” website, and sharing with you simple acts of kindness that may help you start thinking with your heart and not your head. They will be easy…rewarding…AND…fun.

Here are Terrie and I giving you a day’s notice to put on your kindness cap…get out there and start promoting and spreading kindness everywhere you go, and, just take notice, of how it is mirrored right back at ya!

Have a joyous week and please drop us some comments on what this week means to you. Should you be so inclined to subscribe, well…we think that would be rather kind.

Decide to be kind.

Photography–Terrie Dahl-Thomas

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…