The #PeaceDayProject2016 …

Helloooo, and welcome back! The 2016 Peace Day festivities are underway, and we hope that you enjoying this project as much as we enjoyed creating it.

This project is about making a little change in the world and asking you all reading this to make a little change, as well. Peace is all about individual action so take some time and think about what your contribution can be. And, yes we have ideas for you in each post leading up to Peace Day.

2014 showed some impressive statistics with the Peace One Day Report which recorded over 1 billion people exposed to Peace Day messages and 10 million people behaving more peacefully on the day as a result of the movement.

Our throwback collage from 2014 was about how peace comes in all languages. It is with sincere appreciation to all the villagers that took the time to help us with expressing peace in their native tongue.

Now onto the questions …

Who will you make peace with?

What will you do for peace on Peace Day?

Here’s an idea for you!!! One Day One Goal uses the power of sport in observation of Peace Day, 21st September. Organize a soccer match or even a tournament dedicated to peace.

Not a soccer player??? Pick whatever sport you like.

Not the sporty type???

It’s okay, we have more ideas coming your way.,

Peace out, ya’ll!

Peace One Day

Photography: Terrie Thomas

Words: Karen Vest

binvested in your community … binvested in your world … binvested in peace …


The #PeaceDayProject2014…

POD...Sept 22 Karen
It’s that time again.

Third times a charm … so we hear.

21st September is International Peace Day and it is devoted to, not only, ceasefire between countries, but peace at every level.

Peace in the heart…
Peace in the home…
PeaceĀ  between neighbors…
Peace in the cities…
Peace in the nations…
Peace in the World…

It started with one man and one crazy idea. Founder and Filmmaker, Jeremy Gilley, started a journey 15 years ago to establish a day of ceasefire and non-violence on a fixed calendar day. It was unanimously adopted by the United Nations in 2001, and with the help of Ambassador for Peace One Day, Jude Law, it has grown into a day far from symbolism.

This day is not just to create awareness–of which it does with magnitude. This day calculates and measures the amount of ceasefire, non-violence, and people acting more peacefully on 21st September.

The goal: 3 billion people aware of Peace Day and acting more peacefully by 2016.

Okay. Here is where we tell you what we’re doing to celebrate this most important cause. Each day of the week, leading up to Peace Day, a different villager will be pictured with their words of peace, in their native language. Also, we will be sharing with you some of the events that Peace One Day is conducting to spread the word. We have also registered this project–for the third year–with the organization to assist in the measurement for peaceful activities across the globe.

We think everyone has a role to play, so here we are — Terrie and Karen — holding our peace poster. We created this poster 3 years to commemorate this special day, and we’ve been toting it around ever since in promotion of peace and rasing awareness within our community.

And, so it begins.

Who will YOU make peace with???

Please, check out the website listed below.
Join the movement.

Photography: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

I realize peace one day is about peace and recognizing the cultural differences around the entire world……however
this project, for me, is about embracing the cultural diversity WITHIN one community, living together in peace. I may not be able to read these signs written in a different languages but I know love feels the same for each of us. AND (Love has no political boundaries.)
~ Terrie Dahl-Thomas

AND… of course… a new sign off for this week.

binvested in your community…binvested in your world…binvested in peace…