The #PeaceDayProject2016 …


Thanks for stopping by! We hope you are feeling more peaceful and hopeful for a more peaceful society in the future.

Jeremy Gilley, the founder of Peace One Day, has recorded over 900 hours of young people’s thoughts on the idea of a starting point for peace. Through a window of a day, they would be able to get involved in the peace process through art, sport, and music  … helping to move the efforts for a more peaceful society forward.

The year 2015 statistically showed this day becoming self-sustaining with an estimated 1.5 billion people now exposed to Peace Day messages with 709 million people now aware of Peace Day.  Of those aware, an estimated 13 million people behaved more peacefully on that day.

GOOD SHOW!!!!!!!!!

Let’s move onto our local project for 2015.  It was all about raising awareness for peace in the home.  We featured kids and canines ….. child abuse and animal abuse are not very peaceful in our book.  What about you?

Pictured above is our collage of our local littles and rescue pups.  Just look in their eyes and see the pure love and the pure joy of ………. being.  They make the world a better place so we should take better care of them.  Don’t you agree??

Okay … back to the questions ….

Who will you make peace with?

What will you do for peace on Peace Day?

Today’s suggestion is to make it a movie night.  Tune into YouTube and screen Jeremy Gilley’s film, “Day After Peace” which charts his journey creating Peace Day. Popcorn is optional but always more fun.  We hear that you can still buy Jiffy Pop to add a “pop” to the evening!  We know the littles might find it quite intriguing!

Have a peaceful 24 hours!


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Peace One Day


Photography:  Terrie Thomas

Words:  Karen Vest


binvested in your community … binvested in your world … binvested in peace …










BK2HK 2016 … Shave OR a Haircut …


This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.
~14th Dalai Lama

August. We know it’s hot. We know it’s humid. School is back in session, which means the morning commute is much more hectic.
August. It doesn’t sound like a very kind month, does it???

Well, IT is a kind month. And, here is where we explain ….. for the 4th year…. why it is so. Here are 3 examples of what this trait can accomplish.

First and foremost, it’s time to celebrate “Be Kind to Humankind Week”, also know as, bk2hk! Started in 1988 by Lorraine Jara from Toms River, New Jersey. This week was created to promote acts of kindness performed by peeps … to other peeps … all over the globe. It’s like one big kindness fest with a different theme each day, so take a look at the website, which will be listed below, and get that “kindness groove” moving on!!

ARE YOU READY????????? “Be Kind to Humankind Week” is August 25-31st, so we’re giving you advance notice to plan your kindness attacks!!!

Now, onto our second example ….. Saint Baldrick’s Foundation!!! Primarily fueled by volunteers, this not-for-profit organization is raising money to conquer childhood cancer. Their main fundraiser is their head-shaving events … they are actually called “the crazy head-shaving people” because they are crazy enough to think that this head shaving thing can raise enough money to help research and find cures for childhood cancer.

Their challenge ……. BRAVE THE SHAVE!!!!!!!!!

Are you willing to take the challenge???

Well ….. looks like we have a place for you!!!

Here is our third example ….. takin’ it local, ya’ll, because that’s what we do. The Chop Shop hosts a Saint Baldrick’s head shaving event every March for the last few years. Owner, Mike Platow, and his team of stylists set up shop on Main Street with clippers ready for anyone who is ready to “BRAVE THE SHAVE”, and to donate to Saint Baldrick’s. They are the “crazy head-shavers” who help to raise money for childhood cancer. We salute The Chop Shop and how they promote kindness by giving back.


Pictured: (left to right) Rhodie, Amber, Suzie, Tammy, Tiana ….. our 2016 example of what it really means to be kind to humankind.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Be Kind To Humankind Week

Saint Baldrick’s Foundatiom

The Chop Shop
Facebook: Thechopshop727



Photography: Terrie Thomas

Words: Karen Vest

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…


Knock Knock. WHO’s There …..



Another day.  Another FUN holiday!!!!!!!!!


March 10th is …..


Wait for it …..


International Day of Awesomeness!!!!


And, their official tag line is:

“No one is perfect, but everyone can be awesome.”


The International Day of Awesomeness was created by Kevin Lawver at the suggestion of one of his interns.  As a joke Kevin posted it to Twitter.  Very soon after posting,  a feed of tweets flooded his timeline in support of a special day to perform and celebrate feats of awesomeness.


AND… why  March 10th???  Because it’s Chuck Norris’  birthday.  We hear he is pretty awesome or at least that’s what Wikipedia says.  You can decide for yourself, but we’re moving on to more awesomeness.


“Nobody’s perfect, but everyone can be awesome” is a reminder that we ALL have greatness inside.  Don’t settle for mediocrity!!!!!   Radiate that awesomeness out to the world, just like Chuck!!!


So, here is where we explain the title of this post and the pic.  With International Women’s Day celebrated this week, we would like to tell you about a  local charity support group by the name of WHO, Women Helping Others, in which the  wise owl “who” is watching over us,  is their logo.

Started in the fall of 2014, this group formed as a way of giving some of the women villagers a chance to connect while at the same time giving back to local charities that may need a little support financially.

Here’s the lowdown ….. a $20 tax-deductible donation is collected at the door for the designated charity (knock, knock) and everyone brings  either a dish or a bottle of wine to share ….. let’s call it  community and communion.  Local businesses donate raffle prizes and,  those raffle tickets sold raise the size of the donation.

Women Helping Others Mission:  In every community there are neighbors needing a helping hand.  WHO’s goal is to identify and support those in need of dignified giving.


The International Day of Awesomeness is a celebration that people are awesome everyday and their “feats of awesomeness” are rarely recognized.

Well, ladies … we recognize the good that you do and we thank you.

BTW … We will be sending this to the International Day of Awesomeness website to acknowledge your greatness!!!!  (Singing now…. Let’s Hear it for the Girls!)


This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…


The International Day of Awesomeness


Women Helping Others


Photog:  Terrie Dahl-Thomas


Words:  Karen Vest




































SH Galleria...bk2hkThe kindness train is chugging along, celebrating “Be Kind To Humankind” Week. Spreading acts of kindness is healthy…it’s free…it’s contagious. Why not try it out.

Today’s theme: Touch A Heart Tuesday…

April and Jana from Safety Harbor Galleria are proudly holding the “Be Kind To Humankind” sign, and letting you know practicing simple acts of kindness can become habit forming…if you just let it!

What can you do today???
Tell those you love, “I love you”.

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
~Mark Twain
Decide to be kind.

Safety Harbor Galleria–Showcasing Local Artists
123 2nd Ave., South
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Photography–Terrie Dahl-Thomas

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…


Animal Associates...bk2bhIf you did not tune in yesterday, here’s the scoop. We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of “Be Kind To Humankind” Week. Each day of the week we will post a different theme, per the “bk2hk” website, with pics of some of our fellow villagers supporting this week-long event devoted to kindness towards humankind…it’s a good thing, don’t ya think???

Today’s theme: Sacrifice Our Wants For Other’s Needs Sunday…

Employee of the month, Angel, from Animal Associates is raising the “Be Kind To Humankind” sign, as well as, raising our awareness…to kindness and kind acts.

What can you do today???
You can offer to walk a neighbor’s dog if he or she is unable to.

Do SOMETHING for someone else in need…it’s that simple.

Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.
~Henry James
Decide to be kind.

Animal Associates
955 Delaware Street
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Photography: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…


Bk2hk Terrie and meWhat does THAT mean???

It stands for “Be Kind to Humankind”…AND…this week-long holiday is upon us…August 25-31. Being kind…kindness…sharing kindness…spreading kindness…you know where we’re going with this. If not, here’s where we explain to all you peeps out there what’s up with “bk2hk” week.

“Be Kind to Humankind” Week is a celebration of people and the kind acts they perform all over the globe. It was started by Lorraine Jara, who after reading a very upsetting newspaper article, decided to start a campaign to promote kindness, and this year marks the 25th anniversary of “bk2hk” Week.

If you are familiar with this blog, you know how much we ❤ doing week-long projects dedicated to lighthearted topics. Here is no exception…it’s time to take your kindness level up a notch…or many notches.

Everyday we will be posting different themes, per the “bk2hk” website, and sharing with you simple acts of kindness that may help you start thinking with your heart and not your head. They will be easy…rewarding…AND…fun.

Here are Terrie and I giving you a day’s notice to put on your kindness cap…get out there and start promoting and spreading kindness everywhere you go, and, just take notice, of how it is mirrored right back at ya!

Have a joyous week and please drop us some comments on what this week means to you. Should you be so inclined to subscribe, well…we think that would be rather kind.
Decide to be kind.

Photography–Terrie Dahl-Thomas

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…

The Big Kahuna…

Orange Board Company

WOAHHHHHH!!! Get ready…get your sea legs and get gliding along the “RAD” waterways of the village.

We’re anglin’ to tell you about these “totally sweet” custom-made boards the peeps at Tampa Bay SUP are selling.

The Orange Board Company,started by our good friend, Kumpa, and his business partner, Chad , make Stand Up Paddleboards that are truly awesome to look at, but once you climb aboard one of these bad boys, you’ll feel the difference of how smoothly it cuts through the water. The boards come in lengths from 10.6 to 12 feet with weights that range from 29 to 32 pounds. Special touches–such as the displacement bow that helps the board track more efficiently, and a “most righteous” pearlized paint job that is second to none–is what we like call “hot-dogging”…but you’ll call it skilled artistry.

Pictured here is Kim Ward, of Tampa Bay SUP along with Chad Fisher, of Orange Board Company with their first customer…none other than former Safety Harbor city commissioner, Debbie White. She’s been paddleboarding for a little over a month and loving ever minute of it.

Soooo, head on down to Philippe Park in Safety Harbor and visit Tampa Bay SUP. They have rentals available so you can take a test paddle on the “Big Kahuna”, and experience a “gnarly” ride on these “most excellent” paddleboards that are locally made.

Tampa Bay SUP

(Want to read more about stand up paddling?? Check out our archives from September 2012…What’ssssSUP!?!?!?!?!?)

Photography–Terrie Dahl-Thomas

We hope you enjoyed the surf lingo!!! AND…a big MAHALO for taking the time to read this post.

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is our village…


Her love for cooking came from her memories as a child…

Born and raised in the village, Heather gained her love for culinary arts at a young age. Her family often had their own cooking contests…and IF, SOMEONE had a great report card…well kids, you guessed it…they got to pick the restaurant for dinner that night.

Heather can take an ordinary dish…give it a twist…and voila…nothing other than amazing!!! I met her when she opened her first restaurant…Heather’s Place. It had a verve all its own. Catering done from the old Florida house…BUT…on the weekends, she opened her backyard to the public…fellow villagers…her community. Fire pits, picnic tables, small bands and villagers…loyal villagers that loved the dynamics of this backyard venue and what it represented. Before going to Heather’s Place, I really didn’t know many of my neighbors. She created this type of backyard gathering that included…well everyone…everyone that wanted to become a part of the Safety Harbor family.

Now, Heather is all grown up…and is part of Nantucket Bucket–the new restaurant here in the village. She has taken all of her knowledge gained from her training at the New Zealand Culinary Arts Program, her family cooking contest and running Heather’s Place to put together a wicked smart menu with that Northeastern feel, but still has some of that Floridian Southern charm.

Unique and customized is the focus of her craft.

Heather can style catering for all occasions…small or large…AND, GET THIS…Nantucket Bucket is offering FREE…Yes, FREE…rental space Mondays through Thursdays with the purchase of catering. Off site catering is also an option, so that’s always something to think about now, as the holidays are fast approaching.

Moveable eats…available by Heather at Nantucket Bucket. Still with a “bakyahd”…BUT…without those Nor’easters.

Heather Conrad

Nantucket Bucket
519 2nd Street, South
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Lunch…”suppaah”…”whateva”…Heather can create it!!!

This is Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…

Join the Party @ CALM…

Today is National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day. Please, if you want to be pain-free, join the party. I’m talking about the nationwide movement that is…Community Acupuncture.

POCA…Peoples’ Organization of Community Acupuncture wants to make this oriental practice available to as many peeps–as many villagers–as possible.

Acupuncture is administered in a group setting, using points on the scalp, below the elbows and knees to treat the entire body. It’s used to treat a variety of ailments, corrects imbalances…AND…drumroll please, the big one…assists in controlling stress.

A sliding scale payment system makes it easier to afford regular treatments, which highly is recommended, for most health challenges. Strengthen your qi without straining your wallet…I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!

Calm Community Acupuncture, formally Safety Harbor Community Acupuncture, has been in the village for a little over a year. Owner, Kasie Carlson, has been helping villagers afford to feel better, and has experienced the need to make it more accessible, so she invited Jen to join the party at Calm…now more hours are available to get your zen on.

Accessibility and affordability are the words to remember, kids…new patient forms and booking appointments are available online, and with new clinic hours and that great sliding scale payment system, you’ll be dancing down Main Street on your road to self-care. If you are not fortunate enough to live in my village, check out and find a place near you, and invite yourself to your local Community Acupuncture celebration.

Kasie and Jen inviting you to the party @Calm.

Calm Community Acupuncture
550 Main Street
Safety Harbor, FL 34695
(727) 744-4245
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 9am-1pm & 3pm-7pm

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is my village…

Miss Linda…One Class Act!!!

Once upon a time, there was a three-year old girl who wanted nothing more than to dance her heart out.  She acquired her formal training at the Ballet Russe De Monte Carlo in New York City…there, she studied with many notables…then went on to study at Carnegie Hall with Vlademir Konstantinov, formally of the Kirov Ballet.  May I proudly introduce to you…Linda Featherstone.

Miss Linda– as she is called by all of her students, even the ones that have turned in their  ballet slippers for sneakers and strollers– has been actively promoting and teaching dance for over thirty years.  Her focus…the kids experiencing the joy of dance, and to continue the legacy of her teachers.  As Miss Linda explains, “I want to teach what I know because I’ve learned from the best, and that knowledge must continue.”

Ballet is her passion but there is so much more to dance than pirouettes and grande plies.  Miss Linda’s Dance Studio offers Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Belly Dancing, Zumba and Yoga.  If you are not into the dance thing…there’s always Acting and Improv classes, which sounds like total fun.  I’m going for Belly Dancing…I need to get some rhythm back into my life…plus I think I’ll be doing some great belly work by laughing at myself as I attempt this art form…I do love laughing at myself.

Please go by and visit Miss Linda’s Dance Studio…you’ll be amazed as you walk into a hallway full of history…of a three-year old year old girl who wanted nothing more than to dance her heart out.

“Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing.  It’s the rhythm of your life.  It’s the expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy.”  Jaques D’ambroise

Why not sashay down and check out a class!!!

Miss Linda’s Dance Studio
550 Main Street
Safety Harbor, Fl 34695
(727) 796-9653

This is Safety Harbor, Florida and this is my village…

Badda Bing, Badda Boom-Dominic’s Pizzeria…

It’s 8:30pm…Friday night…I’m just getting back to my village. Do I REALLY want to go home and start the necessary and tedious task of cleaning my closet??? It’s time to do this…I just found Christmas presents forgotten because of the abysmal closet. I’m at the 4-way stop–going straight through equals home and closet–OR–I can take a left and…AAAHHH…chairs, tables, umbrellas and the gathering of villagers. My youthful spirit is awakened and says, “Silly girl, take the left and leave the closet for another time–another year.” Well, you know…gotta go for the gatherings and the pizza, which is a folder for sure!!!

Dominic’s Pizzeria has an enchanting vibe that is bursting with young, fresh ways of taking our sleepy village and giving it some life. When owners, Tom and Anna, decided to open this classic pizzeria, they knew that Safety Harbor would be the perfect place. “It has a small community atmosphere, much like that of my hometown in Massachusetts,” Tom explained. They developed a menu that consists of soups and salads, subs, traditional Italian plates…AND…OF COURSE…THE PIZZA–which is–FUGGETABOUTIT!!!

The couple then went to work on giving Dominic’s Pizzeria its style, by adding an outside cafe that maintains a relaxed and casual ambiance. They hired a great group of employees. “They are like our family–our kids,” Anna said in a very endearing way, “and, we want them to feel that they are a part of this.”   They also do a great job of making customers feel like family…they remember their names and what they order…who wouldn’t want that!

So now,  it’s time to pull this all together for you.   Walk into Dominic’s and see the inviting, but fast paced way this Pizzeria is moving with a sort of pulsating current…it’s exciting with bright lights and conversation buzzing all around. Or, step outside and capture some of  the Harbor’s current and enjoy the outside cafe…fuggetaboutit!   AND THAT, my friends is…badda bing, badda boom.

Pictured here is Tom, Anna and Andrew inviting you to experience the vibe that is Dominic’s Pizzeria.

Dominic’s Pizzeria
100 Main Street, Suite 104
Safety Harbor, FL

This is Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…


It’s all about using your “powerhouse” or core…that’s Pilates. It was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s, and today it is one of the most popular body conditioning methods out there. But…it is so much more…too much for me to explain, as I have deemed it NOT my job to explain, but to entice curious villagers out there to try something different.

That’s why Michele Berman, owner of Reach, can help out. She’s taught Pilates for 10 years, and in April she will be celebrating her 8th year anniversary of Reach Pilates in Safety Harbor. Michele’s focus is on private sessions…working on equipment…with highly specialized routines that help the client understand what the actual body mechanics are, and how they can use this information to meet their fitness goals. She is extremely knowledgeable in the techniques of Pilates, and is continually learning inventive new ways to teach or enlighten her clients to achieve the gracefulness of balance that this practice is so well known for.

AND…what about being in the village? “Local businesses support each other,” as Michele says. Being a business owner and resident Michele understands the importance of, as she calls it, “a business friendly enviorment.” And Safety Harbor works diligently to achieve that feeling.

Well…there you have it…a Pilates studio…AND…a City…REACHING.

How high? I guess the sky’s the limit.

Please visit Michele, and get the grace back in your movement.

Reach Pilates-470 2nd Steet North, Suite C
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

This is Safety Harbor, Fl and this is my village…

It’s Dee Suhr…IN THE HOUSE!!!

I wanted the pic of the grapefruit…the one from the last post. I stroll into the Safety Harbor C of C…that would be Chamber of Commerce…and there was Dee. Was she the deal maker? What if she said, “no” to the pic. Of course, then I would be the renegade and liberate that pic for my own fame…my blog, that no one reads…pretty darn funny, don’t ya think?

Well, much to my surprise, Dee gave me the go ahead to take my photo, and was so happy that I step in, and was truly interested in, as she puts it, “her place.”

Dee Suhr began two new projects when she retired. She started volunteering at the Safety Harbor Chamber…AND THEN, SHE BEGAN TO PAINT! You can view her artwork all throughout the Chamber, and may I say, it is quite lovely.

Dee’s eyes lit up when she described her artwork. “I want to maintain the feeling of peace…joy…place and Safety Harbor is that place.”

She’s tiny, but she is a “BIG” source of inspriration to us all. She is spending time doing what she loves and what gives her the feeling of “place.”

It’s the small steps that change a community in big ways. Dee volunteers at the Safety Harbor Chamber every Thursday and her artwork is for sale there. Go by and visit your local Chamber…you never know, you may find out some  fascinating facts about your community, meet interesting peeps and aspire what you can do in small ways to benefit you and your world.

Dee Suhr…changing our world in small ways.

This is Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…


Panos Kouzina…it’s my fave for their greek salad. But, I have to say, it’s so much more than just the food. The owners, Nick and Ilze have created a warm inviting atmosphere to this cozy style restaurant. The minute you walk in, you feel like part of the Panos family, and Robert and Cindy are there to make sure that happens. Time moves so fast these days, and connecting with family or friends can be quite a challenge. After a long day, it’s a nice feeling to walk through their doors, see the welcoming staff, catch up with my friends…that’s when I begin to restore my soul. They are located 3101-G State Road 580 in Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village…

Morning Rituals

Life is full of small delights…my first sip of cafe con leche from Taste Cafe. Taste is a cozy eatery located on Main Street that is run by a super couple, Robin and Michelle. Taste Cafe and my coffee con leche…a great morning ritual. It makes me treasure those little moments of life that are always there if I will just stop every once in a while and look around. Please, uncover those small things that make you happy. This is Safety Harbor, FL and this is my village….

Safety Harbor’s Pub Crawl

I assure you, there was a pub crawl lat night. I forgot my camera so what you are seeing here is my t-shirt from the event…thanks to Stacy at Harbor Arts for a great logo design. We, the villagers gathered at the Main Street gazebo, donning our blue t-shirts and good walking shoes. We were hungry, thirsty and ready to show support for our local establishments. It was a fun night had by all! This is Safety Harbor,Florida and this is my village…..