The #PeaceDayProject2015 … Sunday …

It’s almost … Peace Day 2015!

Now ……
let’s fast forward to 2050. What do you think Peace Day will be like??? We’re not sure, but if we keep working for peace on all levels, we may be able to reach the largest ever recorded cessation of hostilities both domestically and internationally. It’s all about individual action and getting children involved.

With that said, we would like to share with you a non-profit organization that focuses on getting the “littles” involved in Peace Day. They were inspired by Peace One Day and their campaign to raise awareness on the 21st September. They are a non-profit enterprise, and all money raised will go directly back into the company. It’s about children and education ….. it’s about peace, and moving it forward into the future.

We refer to them as our friends in peace, but you’ll find them on Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as … Postcards For Peace. They are all about getting young people involved in the peace process by raising awareness for peace and hosting events like a design competition and the postcard exchange network. All the info will be on the web address listed below, as well as, an introductory video of what Postcards For Peace is all about. Please watch and be inspired!

It’s time for another pic in our kids and canines week. Here is the lovely angel, Zoey and her rescue, Gracie. Thank you to Safety Harbor residents, Gloria and Kevin Francis for letting them participate in our peace party.

Today, instead of a question, we would like to give you a thought that was given to us by our friends in peace ….. I BELIEVE I CAN CHANGE MY WORLD!!!!

Peace One Day Join the movement!

Postcards For Peace

Photography: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

Words: Karen Vest

binvested in your community … binvested in your world … binvested in peace …


The #PeaceDayProject2015 … Saturday …

Nothing cryptic here 🙂 ….. just kids and canines celebrating peace working up to International Peace Day, the 21st September.

Peace One Day has many goals … ceasefire, non-violence, peace within our homes, schools and communities. They also measure the amount of people coming together in the name of peace. This day is far from symbolism … that’s why measurement of peace on all levels is so important.

Now, it is time to promote peace together by individual action!!!

It’s called the “Thunderclap” and it’s an easy way for individuals to promote Peace One Day. It’s just a little click of a button and Thunderclap does the rest. It amplifies the message of peace and spreads it on social media via Twitter, Facebook or Tumbler. By registering on Thunderclap, you are allowing them to share a message on your behalf in support of Peace One Day. It’s just ONE message … ONE time only, which will be on Peace Day.


Why not put your individuality to work. Speak out for peace within homes, schools and communities. Speak out against child abuse ….. speak out against animal cruelty ….. let your voice be counted!!!

Our pic of the day is from Ed’s Fine Wines in the village. His name is Brunello, and he is promoting a peaceful and cruelty-free society. Thank you to Brunello’s dad, Ed Giancola for letting Brunello be part of our #PeaceDayProject2015.

Always ……… the question is ……… Who will YOu make peace with???

Peace One Day Join the movement! Join the Thunderclap!

Ed’s Fine Wines
***Check out Brunello’s Wine Blog***

Photography: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

Words: Karen Vest

binvested in your community … binvested in your world …binvested in peace …

The #PeaceDayProject2015 … Friday …

Well, the weekend is upon us. We hope that you are thinking and acting more peacefully as we shift from work mode to weekend mode. For the sake of any newbies to the #PeaceDayProject2015, our theme this week is kids and canines!

This week-long project is about getting involved. What can you do to raise awareness for peace in the home? What can you do to stop animal cruelty? What can you do to support Peace One Day???

We have an idea!!!!!!!!

You can shop for peace!!!

It’s the weekend ….. it’s time for kicking back and doing a little retail therapy, don’t ya think??? The Peace One Day website will be listed below, so take a look and start hitting that “add to cart” icon. Fashion Designers Marc Jacobs, Dave Little, Stella McCartney and Toby Mott are all contributors with some really unique t-shirt designs that support the campaign.

And if you live around the village, please visits the businesses that agreed to be a part of our #PeaceDayProject2015. They didn’t do it for the advertising ….. they did it because they believe in this movement.

Pictured: Our crew of the day!!! Left to right we have Drew, Jake holding Hershey with Chloe keeping the family corralled together. Thank you Andy and Cammie Zodrow for allowing your family to participate in the #PeaceDayProject2015.

So, remember to love your littles ….. treat all animals with kindness ….. shop for peace ….. support your local businesses, because they want peace.

AND … the question of the day ….
Who will YOu make peace with on 21st September????

Peace One Day Join the movement and shop for peace!

Andy Zodrow
Vice-Mayor, City of Safety Harbor, Florida

Cammie Zodrow
Senior Dolphin Trainer
Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Photography: Terrie Dahl-Thomas

Words: Karen Vest

binvested in your community … binvested in your world … binvested in peace …